Trying to plan a weed vacation, but can’t get to Amsterdam? We look at some of America’s most underrated drug cities.

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Atlanta, GA

For being in the middle of the Bible Belt, Atlanta has some of the best access to pot. This is because most of the marijuana illegally shipped into the country through the Gulf of Mexico finds its way there before being sent on. Weed is as illegal there as anywhere in America, but if you aren’t stupid and don’t light up in public you should be fine.

To find the best buds, there are two main places to look. Little Five Points Area or “little 5” was the epicenter of Atlanta’s hippie counter-culture during the 60’s and 70’s. This area still maintains this counter-culture feel with head shops such as The Junk Man’s Daughter definitely worth checking out. This area has evolved into more of a tourist trap over the decades, and prices are more expensive than downtown. Auburn Avenue near the M.L.K. Memorial is one of the best places to find pot. Look for young kids wearing white tees and new shoes. They may seem sketchy, but are usually very business-like. Ask for the “purp” to get some of the best weed in the country. It is pricy though, an ounce can cost over $650.

Buffalo, NY

Buffalo is a great town for weed. In every corner of the city, people are smoking and selling marijuana. Most of their weed is imported from British Columbia, so finding high quality BC weed is easy. Best of all, weed has been decriminalized in New York. While the NYC cops are still fighting the War on Drugs, Buffalo police have more important things to do. You hear stories of cops giving back joints, then saying “thanks for the herb” after they take a person’s stash and let them go. If you are arrested for under 25 grams it is only a violation similar to a traffic ticket and a $100 fine.

Buy Weed in USA

To find weed, check out the eastside of town. Ask around for a local bud house. These places usually have a back door with a mail slot. You knock on the door, say the number of $5 bags you want, and put your money in the slot. This may seem sketchy, but it is standard practice in Buffalo. There may even be several bud houses on the same street. The weed is expensive, around $650 an ounce, but you can get the best strains out of British Columbia like G13, blueberry, AK, and purple haze. For an amazing smoking experience, check out nearby Niagara Falls.

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