The purpose of swab test is to detect drug usage recently. It is not meant to collect historical data from it. It shows positive only if you smoke marijuana within a day or two; otherwise pass the cotton swab marijuana test. The mouth replaces cheek cells within 48-72 hours.

LabCorp, the leading medical laboratory gives the details of the detection periods for each substance by test type. Some of the factors that decide the range are – frequency and quantity of usage, metabolic rate, age, body mass, urine pH and overall health. For ease of use, the periods of detection of metabolites are given in each of the parent drug. For example, it is possible to detect heroin and cocaine only for a few hours after use but their metabolites are detectable for several days in urine. In such cases the longer detection times of the metabolites are reported.

  • Most of the time, oral fluid or saliva testing results mimics blood. THC is an exception to it. Oral fluid will detect THC from ingestion up to a maximum period of 18-24 hours. otherwise pass the cotton swab marijuana test
  • Current usage of drugs cannot be detected by urine test. It takes a minimum of 6 to 8 hrs or more for the drug to get metabolized and excreted in urine. On the other hand hair requires two weeks and sweat seven days.

In order to pass the cotton swab marijuana test it is necessary that you do the following tings.

1. First of all, keep yourself away from the marijuana for a period of 24 to 48 hours minimum. It will be ideal for you to stay away for 72 hours if you can.

2. On the day when test was to be conducted make sure that your mouth is doubly cleaned by rigorous brushing, flossing and gargling.

3. Take Altoid mints until the starting of test time. However do not be explicit about it.

4. Wait to get the notice from your new employer on start time.

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