Want to have a drug test at the comfort of your home? If you are looking for something like that you can easily opt for the First Check Home drug test which provides you 99.99% accuracy in drug testing of most of the common types of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, opiates, etc. There are different products from this brand, most of which have proved to be the best in home drug testing. Let’s discuss about the products and the benefits of using such as drug test.

The different products:
The usual and the most popular products from this brand include the 7 Drug test, 12 Drug test, 4 Drug test and the marijuana and cocaine drug test panel. Out of these the 7 drug test is the most popular since it comes very easy on your pockets as well as provides a test of most of the major drugs inhaled. The 7 drug test includes a testing of cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine, PCP, amphetamines and opiates. A drug test cocaine system is one of the major outcomes of these products. As far as most of the drug addicts are concerned, these are the most used drugs which generally get caught in the test.

Benefits of the First Check products:
Well, without a doubt, the first and the foremost thing that one should notice regarding the First Check products is that they provide a drug testing procedure which can be completed thoroughly at the comfort of your own home, that too at minimal costs and efforts. Also, these tests take only 5 minutes to take out the results, which save a lot of your precious time. Now, still if you are not convinced about the accuracy of such a drug test, you can opt for the mail-in laboratory. The best part of these tests is that they provide 99% accuracy, which is not usually provided in most cases. Finally, you don’t need to take hassles of handling the specimen as there’s a cup technology which takes care of that.

Accuracy of the Drug tests:
Okay, now if you want to pass your pre-employment drug test without subbing you need to have the band in these tests, well below the THC level. You can assure that by regular testing with the First Check 4 drug test or the First check 7 drug test. According to different surveys, they yield more or less 99% accurate results and hence you can walk in the laboratory for your final test, with confidence.

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