Old urine becomes nothing but mold and during drug test old urine utilization fails and so it is always fresh urine that is required for drug test and not urine over 12 hours old. But often time old urine can come across in the test and such testing gets to be used as well.

Adding bleach to urine to pass drug test has been a rather important concern in the sports world often leading free those players who have been taking unfair means to succeed. Teenagers are also known to cheat drug tests through possible ways that can create way for the substitute, old urine test or addition of bleach in the urine. So passing the test sometimes depends a bit on the timeline of storage of the urine sample.

Adding bleach to urine to pass drug test has however been caught several times and in most places strict security checking takes place. Cocaine testing kit however have been prolific and been in use successfully despite the many efforts through which teenagers keep escaping tests. During these times it is more important for parents and mentors to be aware of what their kids are doing. On the verge to escape drug tests teenagers and players has been adding bleach to urine to pass drug test. Cocaine testing kit is a famed way of handling whether a person is addicted or not but then there are also ways to trick the system.

Often teenagers and players are also seen using old urine or that of a substitute in order to pass a general testing test. However with extremely old urine the tests can never be done and for this reason the urine should usually not be 12 hours old to be on the safe side. In fact when the 12 hours on urine passes bacteria like growth starts appearing and anyone testing can note that in a notch. There are however boritex tablets that can preserve and extend the formation of such fungus until sometime. If somebody is going to cheat then substitution urine can be easily given to the tester.

There is also a way to substitute and that has been one of the most famous yet not-so positive ways of getting around escaping from being caught from drug abuse. Drug testing is one of the most important ways through which qualified players go into a team in major plays. But let alone smaller participation or games, even in international situations drug testing has been growing unnoticed. Cocaine testing kit and drug testing are two of the most important tools through which any addict in any generation can benefit in the long run.

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