It took a lot of time for the scientists to ascertain whether second hand smoke can lead to positive marijuana test results or not. To be precise and honest, all researches till now have failed to fully ascertain the fact that second hand smoking of marijuana is strong enough to get caught in a drug test. But here no one can deny the fact that second hand marijuana smoking may lead to several health hazards. That’s true without any argument. But it is yet to get established that all the marijuana residues which get stored up in our body during secondary smoking sessions are detectable or not.

If we go through some official records then it can be derived that within the past few months several instances have been registered where the suspects claimed that they were not directly exposed to any marijuana products but have been found with alarming rates of marijuana traces in their various body parts. In that respect we can refer to a practical or real-time case study. In this study a group of ten young boys and girls were tested with various marijuana drug testing alternatives. As per the records they used to smoke pot in a group and on a regular basis. While 8 of them confessed about their drug habits but 2 of them denied that they ever took marijuana. Some preliminary tests confirmed that those 2 guys didn’t come into direct contact of marijuana. But afterwards various marijuana tests confirmed that all of those 10 members of the group including the 2 non-smokers had alarming marijuana metabolites and residues in their body. So, though the researches are not conclusive but it’s almost certain that second hand smoke can lead to positive marijuana results. So, you need to remember this fact in mind while mixing up with your marijuana smoking friends.

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