What’s with this trend?
Okay, now this ugly trend of the young people is really getting on my last nerves of late. I mean what is this? If you don’t have the courage to sneak in a bottle of bleach inside the test centre, let’s have a sip of it or just drink a whole bottle of it. At the outset, I must really warn all these people that there’s a big ‘NO’ from me if you are using this.

What is bleach and how it works?
Bleach can easily be found in the market for say 20-40 bucks, or even less. Now, pouring a little bleach into your pee is something which works a bit to pass drug test, though not as good as the vials. But drinking it is not something anyone will advise you. Now, bleach obviously removes a certain amount of THC from the urine sample and makes it undetectable for the various tests, but drinking it to achieve this is something stupid. Remember, for the heavy smokers, the THC level is around 700 and it can only be reduced to half if properly taken care of. Using a bleach one can reduce that amount to one-third. Hence it is not much of a viable option.

Side-effects of bleach
The simplest of the side-effects that the ingestion of bleach leads to is vomiting and an upset stomach. If taken regularly and in large quantities, bleach can be the destructive agent of the interior layers of your esophagus. There can also be chemical burns in the different parts of the body including the inside of the mouth. There may be permanent constrictions in the walls of the esophagus. Worst of all, these symptoms may ultimately lead to death and I mean it. Thus, if you go by my suggestions, never try to pass urine test marijuana with the help of bleach.

The possible alternatives to bleach
The best and natural ways to pass a drug test is to drink lots of water. This is how you can pass the test without causing any harm to your body. One can also use a diuretic in case you are unsure of the previous method working for you. Take good amounts of cranberry juice and work out daily, these can naturally reduce the level of THC in your body.

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