Marijuana in the Colonies

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Marijuana played a direct roll in causing and supporting the American Revolution.

useful weed

Prior to declaring the War on Drugs, America had a great love affair with marijuana. The growing of marijuana was a contributing factor in causing and winning the Revolutionary War. Marijuana or hemp was so vital that Henry VIII issued a decree that for every six acres under plow there much be one acre of hemp production. This hemp production helped fuel England’s rise as the world’s preeminent naval power. (more…)


The drug testing companies are a large part of our nation’s narco-industrial complex. Why drug testing is increasing and who should be prepared.


In today’s economy more and more Americans are looking for work. This means that more then ever drug testing is becoming a fact of life for every American. These days if you are in the market for any job, be prepared for a drug test. Even companies that are not legally bound by government regulations have begun testing new applicants. As Mark de Bernardo the head of the Institute for a Drug-Free Workplace put it, “anybody getting out of high school and college or switching jobs should expect to be drug tested.” No matter how high your job qualifications, if you fail the test you will not be hired. (more…)


420 Dating is Here to Bring the Stoner Love

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A website looks to bring lonely stoners together in hopes of finding companionship and weed.
Tired of smoking alone in your parents basement in Topeka, Kansas? 420 Dating is here to help. Founded in 2005, is the latest in the online trend of niche dating services. Their stated mission is “to provide a ‘smoker friendly’ online dating service and is the best smoker friendly online personals match-making service in the world.” Whether you are looking for love or just a buddy to smoke with, this site can search local stoners in your area code. The site is free to join, but there is a paid premium account plan.

420 Dating

The site combines many of the functions of other social networking and dating sites. They have profile pages where users can post their likes, dislikes, photos, and videos. (more…)


The Cannabis Cup and High End Marijuana

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Marijuana has gone from just a weed to one of the most cultivated and refined crops in the world. High Times annual Cannabis Cup is a competition between growers worldwide who strive for the best buds.

Medical Marijuana Cups

Every summer, marijuana growers from around the world gather in Amsterdam to determine which one among them is the best. The best part is anyone can sign up to be a judge. The Cannabis Cup has pushed the limits on marijuana cultivation. Previous winners include exotic strains such as Northern Lights, Jack Hera, Blueberry, and in 2010 Tangerine Dream. If you dream of spending your vacations sampling the cream of the crop in marijuana, consider a trip to the annual Cannabis Cup. (more…)


A panel of experts from across the globe has called for an end to the drug war and acceptance of harm prevention strategies. The Obama Administration continues to ignore their recommendations and backtrack on campaign promises.
End of Drug War

The Global Comission on Drug Policy just released their findings to the U.N. after years of research. Guess what? We aren’t winning the drug war. The Commission began as a Latin American investigation in how to combat the corruption and violence associated with the war on drugs. It eventually evolved into a global effort to rewrite drug policy goals.
The meeting of minds that put together this report is truly astounding. Sir Richard Branson, owner of the Virgin chain of companies, was one of the primary funders of the commission. Other members included: UN Secretary Kofi Annan, NATO Secretary General Javier Solona, the former presidents of Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Former US Secretary of State George Shultz and even former Federal Reserve Chairman Paul Volcker. (more…)


State Senator and Lieutenant Governor Candidate Billy Hewes wants to implement drug testing for everyone receiving government assistance.
Billy Hewes
Mississippi State Senator Billy Hewes would have everyone receiving public assistance pass a drug test if he had his way. On the surface not giving public money to feed someone’s drug addiction sounds good. Hewes makes a strong case when he says, “if you have to get drug tested for a job, shouldn’t you have to be drug tested for government checks?” In practice however, mass drug testing had serious social repercussions. If Hewes had his way, Mississippi would join Florida and Missouri in requiring drug testing.


Invasion of Afghanistan leads to Opium Boom

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The prior to the invasion the Taliban had reduced opium production by 91%. Following the invasion Afghanistan is now the world leading producer of opium.
Opium Wars Afghanistan
The United States War on Terrorism is having negative consequences for the War on Drugs. Prior to the American invasion, the Taliban had been highly effective in eliminating opium countries production. Since the invasion opium production has steadily been on the rise. Afghanistan farmers have a long tradition of farming opium in their country. Following the invasion many were out of work and returned to their former job, farming opium poppies. The lack of centralized control by the government has allowed Afghan opium production to become the largest in the world. (more…)


As the Netherlands attempts to tighten laws on foreigners, where should Americans looking to light up legally book their flight to?

Coffee Shop Amsterdam

The Dutch Parliament recently passed new anti-drug rules that would prohibit foreigners from buying pot in the famous Dutch “coffee shops.” The new law would require Dutch citizens to sign up and have a membership card to get into the coffee shops. The Justice and Health Minster of the Netherlands released a letter stating, “In order to tackle the nuisance and criminality associated with coffee shops and drug trafficking, the open-door policy of coffee shops will end.” I am curious what criminality he could be referring to. Nearly half of the Netherlands tourism is drug related. This ban will not only affect the coffee shops but also hotels, restaurants, and everything else in the tourism industry.

Ever since Cheech and Chong’s classic Up in Smoke, Americans have viewed Amerstdam as the place to go for pot. Now that the Dutch have shot themselves in the foot, where should Americans go for a drug-friendly vacation?



Anyone with half a brain knows some medical marijuana patients lie to get marijuana, but just how many and its implications are less clear.
Medical Marijuana Arrest
Medical Marijuana has commonly been referred to as a front for complete legalization. To that claim I say, “so what?” During alcohol prohibition many people received access to “medicinal” alcohol from their doctors. While not entirely honest, it was safer than drinking the backwoods moonshine that was the primary alternative. Not everyone agrees. Even some supporters of legalization think that disingenuous medicinal marijuana hurts the cause. Seeing the actions of a legal marijuana marketplace changes the people’s perceptions of the dangers of marijuana.


Drug Policy Could Make or Break Obama in 2012

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The youth vote that elected Obama in 2008 has grown tired of him. The Obama Administration’s stance on drug policy could save or cost the election for Obama.
Barak Obama Elections 2012
Remember summer of 2008? The economy was good, the wars seemed to be improving, and a young, energetic Barrack Obama had captured America’s attention. Obama’s message of hope and change spurred him on to victory in the general election. His message particularly resonated with the eighteen to twenty-nine crowd. This demographic had long been ignored by politicians because they never turned out to actually vote. With three consecutive elections of increasing young voter turnout, Obama broke with tradition and aggressively courted the younger voters. In 2008 Obama carried this demographic with nearly a two to one ratio. Young people also turned out in record numbers accounting for 18% of the total vote in the general election. Four years later can Obama count on the continued support of this important demographic? Maybe. (more…)